Give it Up!

copyright LMC Images
copyright LMC Images

Give it up–give up your perfectionism!

You can do it!  Go you!

Naturally you want to do the best job you can.  And of course you must be prudent and do sufficient research and planning before starting out.  But don’t let these honorable traits turn into a straightjacket that prevents you from moving forward.

Planning and research are an important and a vital first step in any undertaking.  Give yourself a deadline for completing these, though.  Then take that one step, trusting in not only what you’ve found out but also in your native intelligence and common sense, in your life experience, and in the fact that you probably have other resources at your fingertips.  Remember, you can always Google it or ask your friendly librarian or a friend or read a book on the subject or talk to someone who you know has more experience or knowledge in the area than you do.  Don’t be afraid to “draw a line under it”, under the research and planning stage, and declare that good enough is good enough.  Then go for it–take that first incremental step!    

copyright VNS Images
copyright VNS Images

This is where the benefit and the power of breaking your steps into itty bitty fragments comes in.  You’ll be able to take that little step by the deadline because you’ve broken them into teeny-tiny parts that you know for sure you can easily complete.  And, because you’ve also categorized them into time chunks, you know that if you only have five minutes to devote to your dreams that deadline day, you can look under that category and choose a piece.    

So, set that deadline for finishing your research and planning phase and select a little step that you’ll be able to do at that deadline.  Now you have a plan.  Isn’t this great?  Don’t you feel proud of yourself?  Don’t you feel a surge of energy as well?

copyright LMC Images
copyright LMC Images

WooHoo!  This is awesome stuff!  Now you can see the reality that you can actually do this–you can achieve your goals and dreams!

WooHoo!  Go you!

Your homework for today is to revel in the positive, empowered feelings you’ve just created.  DON’T SKIP THIS HOMEWORK!!  All too often, we forget–or pooh-pooh–the small, often tiny, victories and achievements we have.  You MUST honor yourself, your hard work, and the bravery and courage you’ve poured into every little bit of forward movement. 

You can do it!  Go you!

I am so very proud of you!  I knew you could do it!

Your friend,


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