Use Imagination!

Use Imagination!

You can do it!  Go you!

“Use Imagination!”  This statement has genius in it, because it unlocks and unleashes your own special brand of genius in the form of unique and creative ideas and ingenuities.  This then fuels you with energy, enthusiasm, and confidence.

“Use Imagination!” is also an anagram of sorts.  You can use some of the letters in the phrase to spell the word genius!

And, it’s plain, old-fashioned fun to use your imagination and let it soar; to “give it its head” and let it run.

You may be saying that you’re too busy taking steps to waste time on imagining.  Or, you may scoff at the idea, sure that nothing will come of it.  That’s because using imagination has gotten a bad rap.  Growing up, you probably heard that indulging in imagining was woolgathering, day-dreaming, or being in la-la land.  Worse, you may have heard it called laziness, not paying attention, making up stories, or even lying.

It isn’t true!

It’s well-known and documented that great people throughout the ages scheduled time each day for quiet, contemplation in which they would let their imaginations go.  Edison was famous for taking naps when he was wrestling with a problem.  Often, he would wake with the solution, or a crucial step that would then lead to the solution.  Nicola Tesla, upon whose work our wireless technology is based, always worked through his inventions in detail in his mind before building them.  And, the daily training routine of Olympians and professional athletes includes imagination sessions where they go through their routines and perfect their movements.

Your homework for today is to schedule an imagination session.  Give  yourself enough time (5 – 30 minutes) and choose a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted.  As you’re getting comfortable gently think about some aspect of your dream or goal.  Or, you can think about your dream or goal in general terms.  Then go for it–let your imagination roam and soar where it will.  And, no worries; you can’t do this homework incorrectly!  It doesn’t matter if your mind worries or wanders–gently bring it back to your dream or goal.  It doesn’t matter that you didn’t get any images or ideas.  No effort is ever wasted.  View this as a building block or a training session.  Trust that you’ll get better at it because, with regularly doing this exercise, you will get better.  Remember, too, that even the greatest thinkers didn’t have insights or eureka moments in every single session either; you’re in good company!

So revv up those imaginations and let ’em rip!

You can do it!  Go you!

I am so proud of you!  I knew you could do it!

Your friend,


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