Start Your Engines!

Has life gotten in the way lately so you haven’t taken steps toward your dreams and goals?  Do you feel like you’re behind, that you need to catch up?  Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect?

No worries!  Start right where you are.  Don’t think of yourself as behind or that you need to catch up,  This is not a race!  You are not in competition with anyone or anything else!  And, the fate of the world and the universe is not dependent upon you being up to date with your journey to success.  You can take as much time as you need to get to your goals and dreams.  There is no expiration date!

Your homework today is to take a look at your responsibilities and oblications that you have each week.  Are there any that you can delegate?  Are there any that you can say “no” to?  Brainstorm ideas for opening up a little space in your week to fit in time to work toward your goals and dreams.  Be creative!

Now take a look at the steps on your journey.  Can you break them into smaller pieces–pieces that fit better into your schedule as well as ones that are small enough to be easily doable in small chunks of time?

Once you’ve done this, then take a step–even an itsy-bitsy one.

Yay you!

You did it!  I’m so proud of you!  I knew you could do it!!

Your Friend,


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