Celebrate! Dance to the Music!

copyright LMC Images
copyright LMC Images

Yesterday we talked about A New Day is coming.  Today, let’s build on that theme by taking a look back at all the fantastic progress you’ve made this month.  It’ll help with preparing for this coming month—another opportunity for a new start!

Let’s celebrate all your accomplishments this month because you’ve done really well.  First of all, you made the commitment to achieving your dreams and goals.  This is a huge step because it took courage and resolve to make this promise to yourself.  You should most definitely celebrate it.  Yay you!

Next, you identified some steps you’ll need to take in order to reach your goals and dreams.  This, too, is fabulous.  Recognize the intelligence it took to identify these steps, which means you’re smart and resourceful.  Yahoo for you!


Then you broke them into small steps—some of them were infinitesimally small, which is just fine—and you committed to taking these small increments and steps on a regular basis.  Recognize the courage and resolve that it took to do this.  It’s a wonderful thing to behold about yourself.

Then you’ve actually taken some steps whether you’ve felt like it or not whether you were frightened or not, whether you were certain or not.  This proves you have what it takes to succeed:  the grit, the stamina, the determination, the persistence, the character, the integrity.  YOU ROCK!!

FEEL THE PRIDE!  You deserve it; you’ve most definitely earned it!


Your homework today is to revel in how strong and brave you are because you’ve taken steps toward your dreams and goals, and some of those steps were difficult and scary.  You did it anyway, in spite of your fears and anxieties.  Yay for you!!  This goes to show how awesome you are.  WooHoo!

Remember to rejoice in how fantastic you are because you have made progress.  You rock the house down!


Do not let anyone—yourself included—or anything diminish or dismiss any of your accomplishments this month, no matter how seemingly small.  Small, teensy-tiny increments add up over time, so it all counts; it’s all good!  Stand tough and stand strong against any negativity!  This is important and it’s imperative that you do this!

You can do it!  Go you!


I’m so proud of you!  You’re progress this month has been marvelous!  You’re terrific!

You’re Friend,


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