Negative Thinking: Early Warning System

Instead of fighting your negative thinking and trying to ignore it, steamroll it, or out-shout it with positive statements, use it to your advantage.

Use your negative thinking as an early warning system.

Negative thinking in itself is not good or bad, it’s the way in which you use it—how you respond to it—that decides whether you are negatively impacted or positively influenced.

In a previous post I drew your attention to the type of negative thinking that is motivating and gives you energy to move forward.  Click here to navigate to the post (posted on 1.10.14).  That was a draw-a-line-in-the-sand type of negative thinking.  This post is about using your negative thinking as an evaluative tool.

Perhaps your negative thoughts stem from not getting enough sleep or relaxation.  Perhaps you aren’t eating well or eating enough.  It can also indicate you aren’t getting enough fresh air and are too sedentary.  Maybe you’re hanging around with the wrong people who gossip, criticize, and complain.  Your negative thoughts can come from watching too much TV that’s about people behaving badly, whether in the name of comedy or if it’s supposed to be a true-to-life program (same with radio programs).  Take a look at the video games you’re playing and the music you’re listening to.

Your negative thinking can be a nudge.  Perhaps it’s letting you know that you’re following what someone else thinks you should be doing or you’re accepting someone else’s values and yardsticks.  Your negative thinking is really your Small Still Voice trying to get you to re-align with what YOU know to be right and true for you.

Your homework for today is to evaluate, as objectively as possible, your negative thinking, your bad moods, your crankiness.  What is it trying to tell you?  How can you use it to help you move forward?

After you do this, tweak your steps—or increments of forward movement—and do something that advances you toward your goals and dreams.

You can do this, I know you can!

I am so proud of you!

Your Friend,


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