Loony, Crazy, Nuts!


Loony, Crazy, Nuts:  If people called you these names you may have thought “Them’s fightin’ words!” and had to hold yourself back from behaving inappropriately.

Actually, the best thing you can do in this case is to have a big smile on your face, shake their hand, and thank them profusely.

You see, being called nuts, crazy, stupid, batty, eccentric, and the like, is a good thing because it gives you a lot of leeway with your behavior! 

It doesn’t give you permission or license to act badly or inappropriately.  Instead, it gives you room to “march to the beat of your own drummer”, to paraphrase Henry David Thoreau.  Oftentimes, you can carry out your plans in relative peace; people will leave you alone since they think you’re some sort of lunatic.  WooHoo!

SkyTheLimit webSo the next time someone tells you you’re crazy for getting up a little earlier to read uplifting and informative material and that you’re a nut for thinking you can accomplish your goals and dreams, rejoice!  You’ve just been handed a free pass to do what you need to do—Yippee!

Your homework for today is to enjoy the elbow room you now have!  Then take the next step!

Post in the comments below about your newfound freedom.

Yay you!  Go team, go!

I’m so proud of you!

You’re Friend,


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