Testing, Testing: One, Two, Three…


We’ve all experienced it:  while showering, we have a fantastic idea—one we’re sure will either turn the tide for us or that, with refining and developing, can turn into our Big Break.  But when we get out of the shower, the idea swirls away like water down the drain.

Why is shower time often a creative time?  Scientist have said it could be that because the conscious mind is engaged in washing and grooming—mundane, well-practiced tasks that don’t require a lot of concentration or focus—the subconscious, creative mind is freed to express itself.  Scientists also think that with the rushing water, free oxygen molecules are in the air.  This increases the oxygenation of the body’s systems, particularly the brain.  More oxygen in the brain enables it to work more effectively, boosting creativity.

One suggestion to capture this creativity and inspiration is to have a recording device running every time you shower.   You might feel a little weird doing this but it’s imperative to capture the ideas and keep them where you can easily get to them and work with them.

Many days all you may hear on the tape is the shower running.  That’s why there’s a delete button!  At least a few days, though, you will capture bits and pieces, and even whole ideas.  These are nuggets of gold!


Your homework for today is to set this up for yourself.  Also, schedule time to listen to the recording—perhaps your routine can be listening during your commute.  Note:  it’s important to capture the additional thoughts you will have so keep a recording device handy!  Be sure to work with all these nuggets, turning them into pure gold.

Post in the comments section about how all these new ideas are increasing and strengthening the enthusiasm and energy you have for your goals and dreams.  And tell me about the boost in confidence you now have!

Go you!  You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,


PS  As you make a practice of regularly capturing your ideas and working with them, you’ll find that that your mind becomes more creative and innovative!

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