Review: Week and Month

It’s time to review the week and also the month.  Of course you’ll note areas where you could improve—where you need more information or to brush up your skills, or learn new ones—and you’ll find steps that you haven’t taken even though it would have been very helpful to have done so.  I encourage you to be honest with yourself but no guilt, shame, or punishment allowed!

Now, identify the progress you have made this week and this month.  It doesn’t matter if the progress was microscopic, the point is that you have made forward progress.  This is excellent and admirable!  Not many people follow through on their goals and dreams and even less keep following through.  You rock!  Identify the things you’re particularly pleased with and proud of.  Think about them—revel in them and bask in the glory, knowing you are AWESOME!

Two parts to your homework today so allow yourself plenty of time:

Devise a plan for the upcoming month that includes tweaking the things you’ve identified as needing it.  Be sure you’re breaking the steps into small enough increments so that you are certain you can easily and quickly complete them.—Commercial_Style_Western_Hemisphere.jpg

Next, CELEBRATE!!  Have fun with this.  Feel pride in yourself and what you’ve accomplished—you’ve earned it and you deserved it.

In the comments section, post what you’re particularly proud of this week and this month.  Also, share what you’re doing to celebrate.

WooHoo!  You rock!

I’m so very proud of you!

Your Friend,


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