Attitude Determines Altitude

“Your attitude determines your altitude” ~Earl Nightingale

What thoughts are in your mind when you wake up in the morning?  These will set the tone of your day.  It’s impossible to think negatively but yet be cheerful, optimistic, and enthusiastic all day long.  Of course, through focused thought and willpower, for a short while you can manage it but for anything longer than a few minutes, it can’t be done.  Something will give way and it’s usually the positive thought that’s crushed.

Whether it’s because humans have a natural propensity for the negative (nature) or if we’ve been conditioned by Madison Avenue or enculturated by our times (nurture), negative thoughts tend to overwhelm the positive thoughts in our minds.  This is why you have to be vigilant and watch the thoughts you think and make sure they are the highest and best thoughts you can manage at that moment.

Your homework today is to start your day with mirror work.  As you comb your hair, brush your teeth, and get ready for the day, get your mind ready as well.  Look in the mirror and say:

Things are going my way;

I am rockin’ this day!


I’m looking good;

Just as I should!


Have fun with this and make up your own rhymes.  And don’t forget to dance and hop around!  You’re in the bathroom, after all, and who’s going to see?!

The second part of your homework is to choose some pep words or phrases and carry them with you either jotted on a piece of paper or as a notation in your phone.  Keep your attitude flying high by referring to these pep-er up-ers frequently throughout the day—your own personal Pep Rally!

You can do this, I know you can!

In the comments section, post the pep words or phrases you’re using today.

I’m so proud of you.  You are awesome for taking steps each day!

Your Friend,


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