Run Your Own Race

We all have our own races to run that are on pathways purposely and exclusively designed for each one of us.  Sometimes our path intersects with another person’s.  Our path might parallel someone else’s, and be so close that the paths may seem to be one in the same.  There are slight enough differences, though, that makes each path unique to each particular person.

Your path is perfect for you.  If you were on someone else’s path, you’d fall flat on your face.  You’d struggle, be out of step, and off kilter.  It would not be comfortable or fun at all.  That’s because you are not designed for the other person’s path and the other person’s path is not designed for you.

It would be the same if someone else tried to run on your path.  They, too, would fall flat on their face.  In spite of their talents, skills, and intelligence, and no matter how successful they already are, they would be out of their league and over their head on your path.  That’s because they are not designed for your path and your path is not designed for them.

Competing in a race and on a path you were never designed for is a sure recipe for disaster, heartache, and spectacular failure.

So, stop wishing you were on someone else’s path running their race.  Stop comparing your differences and instead celebrate them.  They are the very reason you are going to achieve your dreams!  No matter how seemingly small or apparently insignificant, your path—your race—and the talents, skills, and intelligence you have are exactly what’s going to help you achieve your dreams.

Your homework today is to tune your ear to your Still Small Voice inside.  Focus your attention on your talents, skills, and intelligence.  Do what you can to move toward your dreams.  Take the next step!

You can do it, I am absolutely sure of it!  I believe in you!

Post about how great you feel on your own path running your own race.  Yippee!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,


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