Cautionary Tale


Oftentimes we tell our friends and family about mistakes we’ve made. We want their sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. It could be, too, that we’re cautioning them not to make the same mistakes we did.

As parents, we tend to do this with our kids, encouraging them to make better choices than we did. We don’t want them to fall prey to the pitfalls that we have in our lives. Our children will make their own mistakes, certainly, but we hope to caution them against making our same mistakes.

It’s tiring, and embarrassing, to always be using ourselves as a cautionary tale. How about flipping that around and being the example? Be someone that people admire and hold up as a shining example of good and right living.

It feels much better to be an example rather than a cautionary tale!

Your homework today is to set yourself up as the shining example. You do this by taking the next step. If it seems too big or too hard or your anxiety is getting in the way, then break the step into teeny tiny pieces. It doesn’t matter the size of the piece; all that matters is that you use it to move forward on the path to your dreams. That’s how you become the example rather than the cautionary tale!

Post in the comment section the things you’re doing today to be the shining example. You are awesome! I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,



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