Family and Friends


As much as they love you, don’t expect blatant support and encouragement from your family and close friends. It isn’t that they don’t care but rather because they do care—a lot.

This doesn’t seem to make sense on the surface of it. But if you delve a little deeper you’ll realize that it’s because your family and friends value their relationship with you that they don’t want to be put into an awkward position.

Look at it this way: They friend you on Facebook, comment regularly on your blog, and follow you on Twitter. Everything’s going along great, and then they realize they’re spending too much time on social media and need to cut back on the people and groups they’re following. They decide it’s your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc., they’ll terminate. They’re probably thinking that they get all the updates from you directly—and much sooner than from social media feeds. They still support you and believe in you even though they’re no longer connected to you on social media.

If this would happen, you might feel slighted and insulted, to say the least. Most likely, you’d feel betrayed and that would seriously affect the relationship. Instinctively, your family and friends know this and don’t want to hurt you or harm the relationship.

Strangers, though, will support you enthusiastically and vocally.  That’s because if they decide to move on, they don’t have to fret about seeing you at family gatherings or avoiding getting together with friends because you might be there. Strangers know it’s little harm if they stop following you. And if they do stop, you may feel mildly disappointed at first, but it quickly passes and you don’t think of it again.

Keep in mind that it’s your friends and family who have given—and will continue to give you—a shoulder to cry on. And, when things weren’t going so well for you, they’ve patted your hand, slipped you a few bucks, and perhaps dropped off a casserole.

Your homework today is to go easy on your family and friends. Be thankful that in their own quiet ways they are supporting you. And, be grateful for all the times they’ve held your hand when you were anxious and they helped you up and brushed you off when you fell.

Give three cheers for people who’ve comforted you and helped you over the rough spots!

You can do this!

Post in the comments section about people who have been there for you.

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,


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