You Don’t Have What it Takes….


Has anyone ever said to you that you don’t have what it takes? Often this is said with disdain and accompanied by a sneer. Perhaps you’ve even said this to yourself, complete with distain and a sneer.

What no one tells you is that it’s an incomplete sentence, only a phrase. The full sentence is: you don’t have what it takes…for this.

Don’t take it personally when someone says this to you—or if you say it to yourself. View it as an invitation to press the Pause Button of your life and think it through. Take the time to answer the question “Do you have what it takes for this, the path you’ve chosen?”

Perhaps it seems like you don’t have what it takes because you haven’t gathered enough information to fully understand the journey to your dreams. Or, it could be that you’re letting yourself down because you’re shying away from doing the tough things and the tasks that are essential but are not fun.

Maybe you’ve discovered that the statement is true because you realize you really don’t have enough passion to pursue “your thing” at a high level; you enjoy it enough as a hobby but not enough to take it to the next level.

All of this is fine because, even though you may not have what it takes for this (whatever your “this” is), you do have what it takes for something else.

Your homework for today is to take a moment and think about where you are on your journey. This week, did you notice that you aren’t really enjoying your path—and that it isn’t because you’re in a phase that’s a little tougher than other phases? Could it be that this path isn’t the right one but the trail that you thought was a tangent is actually the superhighway to your dreams?

On the other hand, did you notice that progressing toward your goals and dreams is getting easier? Perhaps things are beginning to flow….

Where ever you find yourself on your path this week, let’s celebrate. You are discovering new things about yourself, refining what it is you’re striving for, and making great progress. Even if you’re unsure or you’ve hit a rough patch, celebrate the fact that you’re still moving forward—you haven’t given up or quit.

Yay you! You’re awesome!

Feel free to leave a comment regarding your progress. We want to celebrate with you!

I’m so proud of the progress you’re making, the things you’re discovering, and your courage to keep on going. Truly awe-inspiring!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




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