Are you holding yourself accountable regarding achieving your dreams? Do you have a reliable method for tracking your progress and making sure you’re on track and headed in the right direction?

An idea for holding yourself accountable is partnering with a trusted friend or family member who will gently and firmly hold you to the steps you said you’d take that week. If you don’t have a reliable person, you can still do this by yourself. You can give yourself a reward for taking a few steps toward your dreams during a certain time period..

If you find that you’re consistently letting yourself off the hook, as well as talking your trusted friend or family member into letting you off the hook, then you need to determine what’s going on. Why aren’t you taking steps toward your dreams? If it’s some variation of fear, what can you do to alleviate the fear? Do you need more information? Do you need more preparation? Do you need to tweak your Plan A as well as your Plan B? Do you need a mentor to, in a fashion, hold your hand?

Do you need to get a new partner, one who will be more insistent that you do what you say you’re going to do?

Do you need to have harder consequences for not taking steps? Do you need to sweeten the reward for when you do take steps

Could it be that the dream you say you want is one that doesn’t really thrill you? Do you wish your dream was something different? If so, then change your dream!! It’s a waste of your life to strive for a dream that you don’t want!

The first part of your homework is to take a look at the way you hold yourself accountable. As you review your week, is your method of accountability working? Does it need tweaking or an out-right overhaul? Do whatever it is that you need to do so that you have an effective system for holding yourself accountable!

The second part of your homework is to celebrate the progress you did make this week. If you haven’t made progress, then celebrate the fact that you haven’t thrown in the towel yet. And, if you have thrown in the towel, celebrate the fact that you ARE picking up that towel right now and trying again!! 😉

You can do it!

Post in the comments section about the ways you hold yourself accountable.

I’m so proud of you for following through with this. It’s hard work and you’re doing an awesome job!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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