Your Peeps


Do you ever come across people who don’t seem to care for you too much? You try to be nice, perhaps you go out of your way to show you’re a good person. You do everything you can think of to be friends with them but nothing works. You are not even the smallest blip on their radar screen.

When this happens, you may wonder why they wouldn’t like you. You may even think that there must be something wrong with you.

Not true!

There is nothing wrong with you!

All it means is that those people are not your peeps! For whatever reason, they can’t celebrate you the way you deserve to be celebrated.

Don’t feel bad about that. Instead, be glad and very grateful. They are doing you a favor because they are telling you to not waste your time with them. They’re saying they are not part of your destiny.

Instead, find people who can and will celebrate you. They are out there. It may take a little bit of time to find them, but you will find them.

Your homework today is to make a plan for finding people who will celebrate you. Some suggestions would be to become involved in civic organizations in your community such as the Rotary Club, the Women’s Club and Toastmasters. Also, your place of worship may be a source of like-minded people.

Taking a class through a local university or community college could be a double benefit. Not only will you improve your skills and knowledge but it also gives you an opportunity to meet people who are interested in improving themselves.

And, don’t forget about clubs related to your hobbies and recreational interests. Knitting, crafting, hiking, kayaking, and book clubs are just a few of the many places to meet other interesting people.

Just be your usual charming self and strike up a conversation with people, getting to know them. Take your time with this—keep your impatience in check—because it can be overwhelming to others if you are pushy.

If you’re a little shy, remind yourself that you automatically have a conversation starter because you both are pursuing a common interest. It’s quite natural that you’d be curious about what drew them to the class or group and what they’re hoping to get out of it. From there, the conversations can unfold.

Remember, too, that people interested in the same activities that interest you may not automatically become your friend. You’ll still have to take your time getting to know people so you can find those with whom you can form a friendship.

Take it one step at a time—but definitely take the step!

You can do it!

Post in the comments section the ideas you have of meeting new friends.

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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