Your Future

Copyright 2014 SweetDoll Designs
Copyright 2014 SweetDoll Designs


Take action now—today—and step into your future. Your future is not some far off time; it’s right here, right now, in the very next moment. You are in the right place!

Don’t put off stepping into your future because you think you don’t have the time. And don’t fall for the illusion that tomorrow or the next week or next month your schedule will clear and you’ll have plenty of time to pursue your dreams. You won’t. Something always pops up and interferes with your best-laid plans.

You do have time to step into your bright future right now, regardless of whether or not you think you do or whether or not this is the best time. Right now, this moment, is the best time to step into your future. Do it; go for it!

Copyright 2014 SweetDoll Designs
Copyright 2014 SweetDoll Designs

Your homework: have your schedule in one hand and your goals and dreams in your other hand. Reviewing your schedule, note the little pockets of time you have: waiting for your kids while they’re at their activities, getting up a few minutes earlier than your family, taking a few minutes at lunchtime instead of working through it. Don’t discount the power of regularly spending 15 minutes working toward your dreams—even 5 minutes can make a difference. No effort is wasted; it all adds up!

Next, break your goals into small steps. Split those into little pieces and divide those into tiny increments—ones that can easily fit into your schedule and the time you do have available.

Then, match some tiny increments with the pockets of time you’ve identified. Now move forward—do it right away!

You can do this, I know you can. I believe in you!

Post in the comments section all the hidden time you’ve discovered in your schedule.

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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