Capturing Ideas


Fashion a routine that enables you to quickly and easily capture ideas, no matter how zany and no matter how tiny of a fragment they might be. If you leave it to memory, certain that you’ll be able to recall it, you are not respecting the rare gems and nuggets of gold that these thoughts can be for you. Capture those ideas before they evaporate like mist in the morning sun—and you know they will disappear.

Technology makes it very easy to do this. Smartphones come with recorders and if your phone doesn’t have this pre-loaded then I am sure there is a free app out there for it! You can purchase voice recognition software so you can dictate memos into your computer. Also, you can purchase recording units that can download files to your computer. There are so many options available. Of course there’s good old-fashioned pencils and paper.

Your homework today is to come up with a system of capturing and cataloging your ideas for easy retrieval. I keep a small notebook handy where I jot notes, ideas, thoughts, to-do lists, and the like. Periodically, I go through them and pull out the good ideas and put them into a file in my computer. Also, as I do this, I sometimes find an idea that turns out to be the solution to a problem I’d been working on. Most times I’d forgotten about that idea and, without my notebook system, it would have taken me much longer to “figure it out”.

I know you can do this for yourself—go for it!

Post in the comments section about the idea-capturing system that works for you.

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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