Joy Stealers


Joy Stealers: we all have them. They’re people who outright tell us we’re dumb or weird for loving our dreams and going for them—or they’re the ones telling us we’re doing it all wrong.

But the worst joy stealers, though, are the ones who are very subtle about it. They seem happy for us and that they’re supportive of our quest but, after spending time with them, somehow the starch is taken out of our sails. We’re not so hepped up about our dreams anymore and we’re beginning to question ourselves and wonder if this was ever such a good idea to begin with.

Let me set the record straight: we all have what it takes to achieve our dreams! As long as we’re persistently and consistently taking steps toward our dreams, we will get there!

Your homework today has several parts. First, put aside time where you can think and plan. Consider the people in your life and note the ones who are joy stealers—the obvious ones as well as those more subtle. If you can’t move these people out of your life, then limit your contact with them. You can do this through not spending time with them, of course, but also, when you are with them, directing the conversation and just not giving them an opportunity to offer their version of “friendly advice”.

Secondly, plan your week ahead. Be realistic about what you can accomplish—remember that small regular advances are better than an occasional leap!

The last part of your homework is to celebrate! Feel good about the progress you’ve made, the insights you’ve had this week. WooHoo! Yay you!

You’re awesome! I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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