Let Go of Your Past!



Let go of your past, no matter what did or did not happen, because it has no bearing on the present moment or on any of the moments yet to come.

We’ve all heard variations of the saying “It isn’t how you start that matters, it’s how you finish.” We agree with it and know this is true. We’ve heard about, and perhaps even know, people who have had very difficult experiences who have gone on to lives of achievement, happiness, and peace.

If we say we believe the statement to be true and we have even observed other people proving the truth of it, why don’t we accept and act on it as the truth for ourselves?

By not accepting and acting on this as truth for ourselves, it’s like saying that because we were once a baby and couldn’t walk, read, write, and talk, then we now are not allowed to read a book or go on a hike with our friends or phone a loved one or compose a letter of protest to our senators regarding an unjust bill that Congress may be considering.

It’s also like saying we don’t have the capacity for pro-active learning—for scanning the marketplace, and life in general, and either going to school or devising a program of self-study that will prepare us for the future. It’s like saying that we don’t have the ability to learn from experiences—figure out how to increase the good and decrease the bad. It’s like saying we lack the capacity for self-evaluation and don’t have the wherewithal to decide to change and become a better person.

This is so not true!!

We can learn. We can self-evaluate and improve based upon what we discover. We can grow and develop and gain new skills, new abilities, new insights, and deepen our wisdom. This is what we’re doing as we’re living our lives moment-to-moment and day-to-day.

Even if other people have told you that you can never overcome your past and even if you have accepted that as truth and repeated it to yourself for years, those are only words and thoughts. You can CHOOSE to think uplifting thoughts and CHOOSE to listen to encouraging words. You can CHOOSE to press the delete button on the limiting, diminishing thoughts and CHOOSE to take out your trusty erasure and get rid of the discouraging words!

Just like being a baby at one point in your life has not defined or limited you, you are not—and never will be—defined or limited by anything that happened—or didn’t happen—in your past!


Your homework today is to let go of your past because it doesn’t matter.   You don’t need it; it isn’t part of your destiny.

Then take the next step!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of your courage!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,

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