Down but NOT Out!


When you’re in a tough time, you must get going.

To stop is to die.

Different ways people have of stopping themselves are: wallowing, worrying, complaining, whining, fretting; being afraid, anxious, angry, frustrated, annoyed; becoming discouraged, disappointed, feeling hopeless and helpless; being confused, not being able to make a decision, and being unsure, etc..

It’s normal and natural to feel any one of these, or all of them (sometimes all at the same time, it seems! 😀 ). Things happen, plans go awry, reality is nothing like what you imagined so naturally you’ll feel angry, disappointed, anxious, and you’ll call your best friend and complain. That’s fine. It’s okay to get stuff out of your system—to vent—and it’s okay to rest and get your second wind.

What isn’t fine or okay is if you stay in that state. That’s how you become stuck.

The cure is to do something, anything. Doing something, even the wrong thing, is far and away better than sitting like a bump on a log (as my parents would say to me when I was a child!). When you’re doing something—anything—directions become clearer, steps reveal themselves to you.

Your homework today is to do something—anything—in the direction of your dreams.

Moving can be running, hauling, walking, hopping, skipping, scrabbling, scootching, yanking, clawing your way, wiggling, squirming, heaving, inching, jumping, twisting, dragging….  It’s even okay to struggle–in fact it’s normal!

Even if you do the “wrong” thing, you’ll gain valuable information—you’ll have discovered what not to do! That’s as valuable as knowing the right thing to do.

Move! Take the next step! Break it down into small pieces and tiny bits, whatever you have to do—whatever you can do—in order to get yourself to move.

You can do it, I know you can!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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