Hang Tight



Sometimes we think we’re being positive and hanging tight to uplifting thoughts but we don’t realize how long and how tight we have to hang on.

This was underscored for me when I recently read an account of Holocaust survivors. While many of them continued to suffer from the trauma for the rest of their lives—and quite understandably so—remarkably there were a number who went on to enjoy positive, uplifting, happy lives.

The short article I read was a human interest piece rather than a report on scholarly research results, however, the conclusions offered are directly applicable to our own lives: Doing what you can to improve the situation for yourself—no matter how small the action and effort; wholehearted, unwavering belief/faith that, through your actions and efforts, things will get better in spite of no improvement or in spite of worsening conditions; gratefulness for the small wonders and beauties in your immediate world; celebrating your victories, no matter how small or seemingly trivial.


Your homework today is to apply this formula to your life: making an effort (taking action), believing that your efforts are making a difference, being grateful for all things large and small, and celebrating the things that are working out for you.

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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