You go to work and there’s drama—co-worker taking credit for your work, rumors of layoffs, upper management making dumb decisions, etc.. Then at the clubs or service organizations to which you belong—even at your church group!—things have been running smoothly, but then someone with strong opinions or a big ego gets involved and suddenly there’s Big Drama. You go home hoping for relief but the kids are at it again and your spouse needs to let off some steam about the drama at their work.


No relief!

What do you do—short of going nuts?! 😉

The very best way to stay out of the drama—and to not create any of your own!—is to focus on your dreams and the pathway that will get you there. By concentrating on your dreams and steadily moving toward them, you’ll be so absorbed in the excitement of your life that you won’t notice the drama swirling around you. As a result, you’ll be much less apt to get pulled into anything—or to create any of your own!



Your homework today is to take the next step! 

Also, carve some time out of your schedule to look objectively at the drama in your life. I know your schedule is packed full and crazy-hectic, but the time you spend on this will be well worth it and will continue to payoff in the future.

Partner with your spouse and children on this so you can teach and support each other in how to take the next step so you don’t get involved in the drama around you.

First, focus on your dreams and taking the steps that’ll get you there! Then, ask—and answer—the question “what is the drama that is totally out of my control and what is the drama that I can do something about?”

You’ll find that most of the drama has nothing to do with you; the vast majority of it is out of your control; as an example, the rumors at work, other than getting your resume in order and doing the best job that you can, there is nothing much you can do about that so don’t get involved and let it go.

Next, take another step and then make a plan to handle the drama you can do something about.

For instance, of course stick up for yourself where appropriate, such as if a co-worker is taking credit for your accomplishments. Also, it might be time to teach your children appropriate ways for them to voice their concerns and frustrations rather than creating drama.

Also, take a look at the people in your life. Limit your contact with co-workers who are apt to take credit for your work. Or, if you must work with them, perhaps you can be more pro-active about telling other team members about the work you are doing so that you pre-empt the co-worker taking credit for what you’ve done.

The volunteer committees you’re on—and even the clubs you belong to—you’re there because you enjoy it and you believe in the cause. But if they’re filled with drama, do you really need that in your life? Is there another way you can support the cause or participate in the activity without all the drama?

Are there “friends” you have that are always involved in or creating one drama after another? Perhaps you may not want to move them totally out of your life, but can you limit your contact with them? Can you be pro-active in this area, too, by taking more control over your time together so you aren’t caught up in stuff that isn’t yours?

Finally, take another step!! Concentrate on your dreams and keep answering the question “what can I do right now that will take me closer to my dreams?” then do that thing!

Are you noticing a pattern here in your homework regarding taking the next step, then another one, and then the one after that? 😉

Keep taking those steps!

You can do it, I know you can!!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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