Pep Rally! You’re AWESOME!


We all have wonderful memories of great times in our past. Perhaps it was a special vacation, or our high school or college days. Perhaps it was when we were just starting out on our own or a terrific job we once had or a cause we rallied for. Perhaps we achieved a cherished dream and received all sorts of awards and recognition for it.

No matter how fantastic the time, no matter how spectacular the achievement, and no matter how cherished our memories of it, there is still more to have, do, and be and it’s waiting for us in the future!

Maybe that doesn’t seem possible because those things in our past were mind-blowingly fantastic, but it’s true: Even better days are ahead of us!

Here are a few Pep Phrases with Power Words in them to give you a boost:


Yes I can!

I’m burning to dig into the awesome talents that are still inside of me!

I can do it!

I’m red-hot with ideas and possibilities!

I’m awesome!

I’m sizzling with excitement as I move toward my dreams!

Yes I can!

My mind is nimble, agile, and ingenious; I am the Original Smarty Pants!

Lemme at ‘em!

My ideas are stunning, creative, and, at the same time, practical; I am smokin’ hot!

I can go, go, go!

I am a warrior and I am much stronger, way smarter, and blazingly swifter than any obstacle or challenge I encounter; I leave them choking on my dust! 😀

I’m awesome!

I am a victor!

I can do it!

I’m so hot that I’m way cool!

I have to wear my shades all the time, my future’s that flaming bright! 😀

Your homework today is to stand up straight and tall in front of your mirror. Smile at yourself and say these Pep Phrases with Power Words—or use your own. Be enthusiastic—dance and move around as you lead the cheers for yourself. You may feel weird or silly but it’s the right thing to do. It’s a way of getting your courage and confidence up to the sticking point.

If anyone overhears you and comments, you can say that this is the way you are when you haven’t had your coffee in the morning—or when you’ve had too much! :p

Choose one—or a few—of the phrases and repeat them to yourself throughout the day. It’s okay to say them to yourself—no one else can hear your thoughts and you are allowed to think whatever you want!

You can do this! Go you!

You’re awesome!

I’m so very proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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