Your Dream Life NOW!


What can you do to start living the life of your dreams right now?

If your dream includes living in a mansion, which may be beyond your means right now, you can treat your current living space as if it is a mansion. You can keep it neat and clean, just as you will do with your mansion. In your mansion, you’ll have decorations that you love and that make you smile. You can do the very same with your living space right now. For instance, you can hang up photos of your family and friends, showcase the crafts you make, display rocks and shells that you found, make a beautiful arrangement of colored leaves and wildflowers.

If your dream includes dressing in clothing hand-made by the finest tailors and seamstresses using beautiful, expensive fabrics. Even though you may not be able to afford this now, you can keep the clothing that you do have clean, ironed, and in good repair. And, you can weed out the clothing that doesn’t fit right, is out of style, and doesn’t make you feel fantastic about yourself.

If you imagine that when you’re living your dream life you’ll be happier and more pleasant to others, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that right now. People behave with happiness, kindness, generosity, compassion because of the choice they make—the decision they make—to be nice, happy, kind, generous, compassionate. You don’t suddenly become these things when you are successful, you become these things because you CHOOSE and DECIDE to. You can, right now, CHOOSE and DECIDE to respond with pleasantness, kindness, compassion, tolerance, generosity. And you can choose that right now, you can make that decision in this moment, and keep choosing and deciding to behave this way as you journey to the life of your dreams.

Your homework is to start living the life of your dreams RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait!! Bring pieces of your dream life into your current life right now, today!

Because you’re awesome, I’m sure your creativity is already buzzing with things you can do right now to make your current life more congruent with your dream life.

Go for it! You can do it!!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



2 thoughts on “Your Dream Life NOW!”

  1. You’re welcome, Vanessa! It’s amazing the little things we can do right now in our current lives to make it feel more like our dream life. That’s one of the best ways to give a boost to ourselves while we journey to our dreams. Keep taking those steps! You can do it! ~Lauren


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