A Perfect Day for Sleep!



Sleep: are you getting enough?

As you are working toward your dreams, an important step is to get the sleep you need.

From time-to-time we all think we can squeeze out some extra hours in the day if we skimp on our sleep. Usually, this thought pops up if we’ve hit a snag in our plans. We think that staying up just a little bit later will give us the extra time we need and we tell ourselves that it won’t affect us at all….

But this isn’t true.


Studies have shown that people skimping on their sleep just a little bit—getting six hours of sleep versus the recommended seven to eight hours each night—show a decrease in cognitive abilities. People experience shorter attention spans, less ability with working memory (example: not remembering what someone told you just a few minutes ago, losing your train of thought, etc.). Also, people are less able to handle frustrations and are less likely to be creative and have insights. And, as we all know, less sleep makes people plain old cranky!

Researchers found something of particular concern, though, and that was people who operate under a sleep debt think that they’re operating at top performance levels when in fact they are making more mistakes that usual! 

Studies have shown that people who get enough sleep—including rest and relaxation—are much more productive and they’re more able to sustain high levels of productivity. They tend to be more effective because their attention spans are longer which helps them sustain high levels of concentration. This enables them to have insights, be more creative and innovative.

And, people who are rested are generally happy and much more pleasant to be around!  😀



Your homework today is to rest and relax—and sleep!

Prepare for bed earlier in the evening. Set a bedtime for yourself that will ensure you get a minimum of seven hours of sleep—of course adjusting for your body’s needs (some healthy adults need nine hours of sleep each night for optimum effectiveness during the day).


Also, plan breaks for resting during your day. Even five minutes can be refreshing and help you press the reset button on your day.

Make it a priority to get enough sleep each night and then watch your productivity and mood soar!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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