Getting Up and At ‘Em in the Mornings


Now that it’s autumn and the sun is rising later, do you find it’s hard to get up in the mornings?

I do!

Sometimes, it’s incredibly hard to get up on time in the morning. Especially if the house has gotten chilly overnight…and it’s so comfy snuggled under the bedcovers…!

My friend and I were talking about how we both need extra motivation right now in this area. We’ve been doing a few things that have helped, but it’s still a struggle. The things we’ve been doing are:

~Calling each other to make sure we’re up—that we haven’t hit the snooze alarm.

~Talking about our day in positive terms, even though we’re both facing difficult work situations. We focus on the parts of each of our jobs that are enjoyable, concentrate on the progress we’re making and how every little step—no matter how small—takes us that much closer to our dream lives.

~Saying Pep Phrases and Power Words to each other, choosing one statement and one word to be the go-to ones for the day.

Getting up is still an ordeal, though. And it’s sometimes compounded because we talk too long on the phone and then we’re behind schedule and then we’re rushing and then we’re right smack dab in the middle of traffic…. Oy!

We realized we have to come up with something in addition. We did a little brainstorming and here’s what we came up with:

~Choosing a reward for getting up on time—something that each of us can receive immediately upon getting out of bed. For instance, I enjoy photography. A reward could be that by getting up on time, I can spend a half hour photographing the day as it dawns. My friend enjoys knitting and also reading. A reward for her could be that she knits first thing in the morning or reads for a half hour, and then gets ready for the office.

Perhaps you enjoy cooking. Your reward could be preparing a delicious home-cooked breakfast with all the trimmings: pancakes with bacon or sausage and sprinkling fresh berries and pouring real maple syrup over it all. Or maybe you’re the bacon, eggs, and toast type who also makes killer home fries. Perhaps you make this only on the weekends but what if you treated yourself to a scrumptious breakfast as a reward for getting out of bed on time?

By giving yourself the reward right off the bat, you increases the likelihood that you’ll get up and at ‘em on time!

Your homework today is to come up with your own motivational reward for getting out of bed immediately in the morning—no pressing the snooze button! Just getting up and at ‘em—even before the first alarm stops ringing!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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