The Last Weekend


The third quarter of 2014 is winding down; in a few days we enter the final quarter of the year. Now is the time to prepare so that the final quarter can be your best one yet.

During car races, this is when the drivers put the petal to the metal so they can hit the straightaway at full speed. It’s when runners and swimmers and other athletes dig deep and tap into their energy reserves to give themselves that last big boost so they can cross the finish line in style.

How can you apply this to your life and what you’re trying to accomplish this year? How will you do things differently in this upcoming quarter so that you can finish the year on a high note? Will you re-order your list of priorities? Will you narrow your focus to only a few of the items on your 2014 To Do list?

What actions can you do today to set yourself up for victory at the end of the upcoming quarter?

Your homework today is to think about how you’d like to finish up the year. What do you need to do in the upcoming quarter in order to achieve the finish you want? Break those items into steps. Break those into smaller and smaller increments until you get to pieces that you know are easy to do—then do them!  😀

Also, take a look at the progress you’ve already made this year. Challenge yourself to expand this progress, even just a little bit. What can you do this upcoming week to prepare yourself for this challenge so you can “hit the ground running” on October 1st?

As always, let’s celebrate your forward movement and your victories this week!  The smallness of the progress and the humbleness of the victories don’t matter. All that matters is that you did it! You moved forward!

You’re a champion!

I knew you could do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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