Golden Wisdom: Talk to People!


I was visiting my parents last weekend and they had another good tip to add to the one I talked about in an earlier post (click here to be taken to that post). This time, we were reminiscing about places we visited on vacation.

My parents said something, though, that stuck with me.

They said that sometimes they were so eager to get us to the sites they wanted to visit that they didn’t always pause and talk to the locals. While we still enjoyed the vacations, my parents wondered how much more enriching the experience could have been if they made sure to talk to people.

This applies to everyday life as well.

When we talk to others, researchers have found that we have an increase in endorphins—your body’s “happy pills”. Even a smile or saying hello in passing can bump up endorphins. This simple human connection can help us see and feel that we are not alone. Sometimes this is just the little boost we need to help us take that next tiny step.

An added benefit to talking to people is that you never know what other people might know. And you never know who they may know and may be willing to put you in contact with. Even if they can’t help you directly with your challenge, just to have a person listen to you can be incredibly helpful. Again, it banishes feelings of loneliness and isolation, thus giving you the psychological lift you need to take the next step.

So, follow the Golden Wisdom of my parents—and your parents, too!—and talk to people!

Your homework today is to talk to people. The point is not to have lengthy conversations or to find a new BFF. The point is the human connection, even briefly.

Just a smile and a pleasant hello is perfect!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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