Your Own Twist–and Shout!


Are you hesitating going for your dreams because you think they’ve already been done by someone else?

The good news is that what other people have done and achieved has no bearing on whether or not you can—or should—achieve your dreams!

Children are taught in school that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. However, it was Joseph Swann, among others, who laid the groundwork with his work on—and patents of—using carbon filament incandescent lamps in vacuum tubes. Edison used this information as inspiration for his own ideas about the incandescent bulb, which created the lightbulb as we know it.

Most people think Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. In fact, he further developed the concepts and ideas behind the voice communication device of Antonio Meucci’s. By adding his own twist to the process, Graham—and Thomas Augustus Watson, his colleague—were the first to transmit articulate speech, meaning that the speech could be understood by someone listening at the other end of the line.

Some may think that Steven Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne created computers. But it’s Charles Babbage who, in the 1830’s, had the idea and went on to  invent programmable mechanical computers, and it’s he who’s considered to be the father of computers. Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne added their own twist to Babbage’s (and others’) ideas, thus founding Apple, Inc. and sparking the personal computing revolution.

So, don’t let it get you down if someone else seems to have beaten you to achieving your idea. Keep working on your dreams, building upon what others have done and are doing. You’re adding your own special twist–and shout!–and that can make all the difference!

Your homework today is to take the next step! Keep on keeping on!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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