Pep Rally! You Got This One!


You’re on your way; keep going!

Keep moving forward. Break the steps into small pieces and tiny bits; whatever it takes to help you forge ahead.

You can figure it out, no matter what.

Not only do you have the intelligence, but there are resources available that you can consult that can help you through your challenges, such as the public library, biographies, Internet, professional associations, to name a few.

You’ve come through the fire before; you can do it again.

In the past, you’ve had struggles, challenges, disappointment, and set-backs. You managed to find your way through and you came out better and stronger. You CAN do it again. I believe in you!


‘Nuff said!

Your homework today is to say these statements to yourself in front of the mirror. Smile when you do so and be enthusiastic and energetic. Make a note of the ones that resonate with you and keep them handy during the day. Repeat them to yourself frequently.

You can do this—go for it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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