Goals: Here We Go!




All last week you thought about your dreams, separating the ones someone thinks you should and ought to strive for from the ones that you are truly enthusiastic and excited about.

Your homework today is to start planning using your dreams as the guide.

The very first step is to answer the question “Why?”, why do you want to achieve these dreams?

If you say you’re doing it for the money or the fame or to prove yourself, then dig deeper. These are reasons that come from your ego. They have a burst of energy initially, but it quickly blazes out leaving you to crash and burn if this is your only fuel.

What you’re looking for are the “whys” (motivations, reasons) that are firmly rooted in your heart and soul. You’re looking for statements such as “Because I love it!” and “I’m naturally really good at it!” and “I’d do this for free but it just so happens that people pay me!” and “I’d do this all day long and the whole night through if I could!”

You’re also looking for reasons such as “This makes me so happy and fulfilled that I’m a better person!” And “I’m a kinder, more generous person when I’m immersed in this!” And “I want everyone to achieve their dreams and I’m eager to lend a hand where I can!”

SkyTheLimit webTake time to answer this “Why?” question. Think deeply about it. It’s okay if it takes you several sessions of sitting quietly and undisturbed. It’s vitally important that you reach the Whys that are born of your soul’s urgings and your heart’s whisperings. These will fuel you throughout your journey—they are the ones that have the energy that will sustain you through the bumps and twists of your path.

Your answers to the “Why?” question are going to be unique to you and deeply personal. Jot down these reasons and keep them handy. Refer to them frequently, especially when you need a boost of energy or if you need to get back on track.

You can do it!

Go for it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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