Never Too Smart


You can never be too smart.

Even if you spend all day and all night reading and learning and studying and even if you do it for the rest of your life you, will never know all there is to know. You will never run out of things to learn.

Some people may be intimidated by this and may try to make you feel weird or dumb for learning but that’s their issue to deal with, not yours. Since you’re curious and drawn to learning then it’s your mission to pursue what fascinates to you.

Your homework today is to pursue with zest and gusto that which interests you, fascinates you, and that which you are curious about.

Give yourself time to go to the library and read books and articles on that which captivates you. Do Internet searches. Find associations and groups who share your interests.

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Review Your Week: Our Deepest Fear


Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” 

Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.  

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.


This quote hits the bulls-eye for many of us. While we’re excited about being successful, working long and hard for it, a part of us is terrified. What will people think, especially our friends and family? We don’t mind the idea of being singled out for attention and acclaim, however, how will we handle it when those close to us accused of being too big for our britches?

For many of us, these thoughts—and others like them—are enough to stop us dead in our tracks and keep us stuck for years, even decades. It seems that we’d rather live far below our potential than to risk the ire of those close to us. It even seems that we’d rather miss our destiny than to stand out among our friends and family.

But yet…we know we can do more—we yearn to do more—with our lives.

What are we to do?

Taking bits of steps one at a time and moving ahead at a slow, steady pace are strategies to use in this case. Also, talking to your family and friends—those who you are concerned will be critical of you—inviting them to be part of your journey. You don’t have to out-right partner with them but perhaps they can be a sounding board for you or help you with some of your steps. I’m sure you can think of ways to make them feel included in your journey—that you are not leaving them behind.

Your homework today is to note the areas of your life where you are holding back. Evaluate why this is so.

If you discover you’re fearful of what those close to you will think—how they will handle your success—then think about ways you can include those you care about in your journey. Perhaps something as simple as meeting regularly for a chat over coffee will help.

As you’re going over your week, also note the steps and bits of steps you’re taking toward your goals. Every little bit adds up! Celebrate this! Include your family and friends in your celebrations and let them know their support and encouragement is valuable to you.

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Mistakes Got You Down?


Reevaluate your relationship with mistakes.

~Melanie Rothschild in The Art of Mistakes


All of us experience disappointment, and perhaps frustration, when we make a mistake. We may become discouraged and think that the mistake points out that we aren’t smart enough or talented enough—that we just don’t have what it takes.

Not true! So stop that stinkin’ thinkin’ right now!

Here’s a short list of “mistakes” that bring enjoyment and fun into our lives:

Silly Putty

During World War II, scientist at GE were trying to come up with a replacement for rubber, since there were shortages. It didn’t really work for what they wanted so it was shelved. It wasn’t until after the war that a marketing consultant to a toy store owner saw the potential and packaged it in eggs and named it Silly Putty.


Again during WWII, an engineer in the Navy noticed how torsion springs bounced and wiggled when they dropped to the floor. He took the spring home and showed his wife who saw the potential of it.  The sales of the toy took off in 1945 when it was demonstrated at Christmastime at Gimbel’s department store.

Potato Chips

In Saratoga Springs in 1853, a chef was exasperated by a customer who kept sending back his plate of fried potatoes saying they weren’t crispy enough. Finally, the chef cut the potatoes as thin as he could and fried them until they were crisp and curly. He then put salt on them and sent them out to the customer. The customer was thrilled and the chips became a big hit.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

In 1930, an inn owner ran out of baker’s chocolate to make cookies with to serve to her customers. She substituted semi-sweet chocolate that she cut into chunks, thinking the chunks would melt. They didn’t. But the resulting cookies were a triumph!


Legend has it that a cook in China was experimenting in the kitchen with ingredients that were commonly at hand back then. His new recipe, instead of being a tasty treat, exploded in a spectacular display!

Mistakes are trying to show you something—to gift you with a gem. Take the time to look for it!

Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs

Your homework is to look at your mistakes from a different point of view. Instead of berating yourself and feeling discouraged, analyze the “mistake” and figure out what’s good and helpful about it, how it can be used in another way, and how it can help you move forward.

You never know, you might invent something that changes the world!

You can do it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


PS For extra credit, do your own Internet search for inventions that started out as mistakes. Make a list and keep it handy for inspiration the next time you make a “mistake”

Discouraged? How About a Pep Rally!



Are you feeling glum because we’re nearing the end of January but it doesn’t seem that you are making any progress?

You had such wonderful plans for 2015! You were so enthusiastic on January 1st! But now…argh!

It’s okay—no worries!

You still have what it takes to make your dreams come true!

Nothing’s changed: You’re still the same person with the same talents, skills, abilities, and specialized knowledge. You’re still being guided by the Still Small Voice within.

As long as you keep taking steps regularly—or bits of steps—you’ll still achieve your dreams!

There is a lot to be said for slow and steady progress, as long as you’re relentless—single-minded—in the pursuit of your dreams. Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare? The hare was fast and flashy, garnering all sorts of recognition and praise. Everyone thought the race was a slam-dunk for the hare, not giving the tortoise a second thought. It was the tortoise, though, with its slow, steady pace—methodical and unrelenting action—that won the race.

What did or did not happen in the past has no bearing on whether or not you’ll be successful now and in the future.

The only things that determine your likelihood of success are your thoughts and confidence about yourself, and how dedicated, determined, perseverant, and persistent you are in working toward your dreams.

These are ALL under YOUR control! You can choose to think uplifting thoughts such as “Yes I can!” and “I can figure this out!” and “I’m smarter and stronger than any problem or set-back!”

And, you can choose to improve your self-confidence and your self-esteem by focusing on your good points, what you are doing right, the small bits of progress you are making, and what is going well in your life.

And, YOU control whether or not you take action on the steps, parts of steps, pieces of steps, and bits of steps. So, make the choice to take action, to move forward!

Your homework is to do some mirror work. Take these statements, especially the ones that resonate strongly with you—or ones you’ve made for yourself—and say them! Stand straight and tall in front of your mirror with a big smile on your face. Be enthusiastic and energetic when you say your statements.

Take the statements with you and make time in your day to take a few moments by yourself to repeat them. Do this as often as possible.

Keep doing this, not only today but every day. You’ll soon find your confidence and excitement increasing and you’ll see the progress you’re making.

You can do it, I’m sure of it!

I’m so proud of you and the progress you’re making!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Dreams May Need to Season


If you seem to be running up against roadblocks as you journey toward your dreams, it might be that your dreams need to season.

It could be that you may have to think it through deeper so that you understand what your true dream is rather than what it appears to be on the surface.

You may need more information or to develop your skills. You may have to dig a little deeper within and pull out additional talents.

Sometimes events need to line up to provide a friendly environment conducive to you manifesting your dreams.

Maybe you’re burned out and need to take a break from your dream. When you take up your dream again, you’ll see at it with fresh eyes.

Your homework today is to step back from your dreams for a little while. Put them to the side for a day or a week, then come back to them. Be prepared for a breakthrough!

You can do it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


A Perfect Day for Saying Thank You!


We all have at least one person who gave us a boost at a critical time in our lives. That boost might have been something as small as a smile when we felt invisible or it could have been something big such as staying with us and encouraging us during a dark phase in our lives.

Your homework today is to thank the people who have helped you along the way.

Be grateful that these people were—or still are—in your life!

You can do this!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs

PS: Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for all the love, help, and encouragement you gave us.

A Perfect Day for Peace and Serenity

Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs


Your homework today is to sit in silence in peace and serenity. Most of us have too much on our plates to do this all day today, but we CAN find pockets of time where we can sit and be still and quiet. We can juggle our schedule to give ourselves as much time as we can to do this.

This is YOUR time to connect with the Still Small Voice within, to think about your upcoming week and the steps you’ll take that will get you farther down the road to your dreams. Take this time for yourself! You deserve it!

You can do it!

I believe in you!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Intensity of Focus



We’re so busy with obligations and responsibilities that we think we don’t have the time to go for our dreams.

The intensity of our focus can make up for the lack of time we’re able to spend on tasks and projects that will take us to our dreams.

Focusing intensely requires that we’re single-minded and fully present in the moment without distractions or interruptions. This means no multi-tasking is allowed!

Your homework today is to honor yourself and your dreams by taking time today—and every day—to devote unyielding, undivided, deep attention to tasks and projects that will take you to your dreams.

Remember to break them into steps and break those into small pieces. Break those into little parts and tiny bits. Focus intently on the little bits that fit into the small pockets of time that you have throughout your day. Follow through and do the bits!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Review Your Week: Other People as Yardsticks


It can be very helpful to look to other people and their accomplishments for inspiration, motivation, encouragement, as well as for mentoring—pointing the way through a rough patch.

But that is it.

If you go beyond that and use people and their accomplishments as a yardstick to determine whether or not you have what it takes or if you’re good enough then that’s when your problems begin.

Everyone is on their own special and particular journey. While our journeys made intersect with one another and they may even run parallel to one another—and so closely parallel that they seem like they’re identical—in fact, they are not the same journey.

Other people are doing things in a little different way with a little different shading that’s going to produce different result and reach different people, helping and inspiring them in the way that resonates with them.

When you pursue your dreams and goals your way, you are reaching people who have not been inspired, motivated, or helped by anyone else.

Your gifts, your talents, the dream in your heart is such that only YOU can reach these people.

Thinking of it that way, how can anyone else’s yardstick possibly measure your worthiness to achieve your dreams and your progress toward those dreams? It doesn’t make sense! That’s because the markings on their yardstick do not correspond to the units of measurement that mark your journey. YOU are the only one who possesses the correct yardstick that’ll give you accurate readings!

Your homework today is to let go of other peoples’ yardsticks—especially the one that society uses—and make your own! Your yardstick is forged in your heart and soul and is the perfect measuring device for your dreams.

Also, you know when, in spite of the whisperings of your soul and the urgings of your heart that you used someone else’s yardstick and found yourself coming up short. Make a note of the projects that you did this with and the times that this happened. Make a promise to yourself that you will never again let this happen—you will never again allow someone else’s yardstick influence what you know to be right and true.

As you note the times when you used someone else’s yardstick, you’ll probably also see times when you didn’t—times when, in spite of the temptation, you held tight to your own yardstick. I’m sure you saw that your yardstick told you that you’re on track, you’re doing good, you’re making progress. It probably also encouraged you to keep going!

Celebrate this! This is really good stuff—and it’s vitally important stuff. This—using your own yardstick and celebrating when you follow through—is what’ll get you to your dreams.

Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you!

Keep taking steps! Break them into small parts and little pieces. Break those into tiny bits and then follow through on doing them.

You can do it, I am sure of it!

I’m so proud of you and the progress you’re making—yay you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Help is Always Available


Are you at an impasse? Are you stuck or stymied? Are you considering throwing in the towel?


Before you give up, remember that help is always available.


If you ask respectfully, you can usually find someone who’ll reach out a helping hand. Perhaps they have a skill or specialized knowledge that they’ll help you learn or it may be that they can be a sounding board for you.

You can search the Internet, visit your local library and either perusing the books on your own or ask for help from one of the librarians. There are friends and family members to talk to—you never know who knows that little piece of information that could make all the difference to you. Or, perhaps they know someone who can be of help to you.

There are memberships in professional associations that can give you the boost you need. “Rubbing elbows” with others interested in your same industry can give you insights that you may not be able to get on your own.

And, there’s good old fashioned putting on your thinking cap and brainstorming—with or without trusted friends, family, and colleagues. Remember that in these sessions no idea is too off the wall and no thought is too crazy!

Your homework today is to look for the help you need. When getting help from others, remember your manners—be respectful and grateful for their help!

You can do it—the progress you’re making proves that you have what it takes to be successful!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,