So Go For It!


Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.

~Helen Keller


Some people plan, analyze, come up with back-up plans, and make sure they have all their ducks in a row before starting out toward their dreams. Others take a wild leap and figure it out on the fly. Then there are people who blend the two methods.

I’ve observed that no matter the approach, set-backs and disappointments happen. Tweaks and re-configuring of plans will happen. Expect it. Don’t think you’re going to figure out everything beforehand so that the path to your dreams will be smooth, wide, and sunlit. It doesn’t work that way.

Of course be prudent and do your research and planning. But then, go for it. Trust yourself that you’ll be able to figure it out as you go along. You’ll come across other people who will reach out a helping hand. You’ll find new information that will help you make the next step. You’ll discover untapped talents and abilities within you that will take you to the next level.

You can do it so go for it!

Your homework is to go for it! If the next step is too intimidating or overwhelming, break it into small parts, little pieces, and tiny bits. Then do one of those bits!

You can do it, I’m sure of it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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