The Inside,,


It isn’t what’s going on around us—outside of us—that creates problems but rather it’s what’s going on inside of us that’s causes all the trouble. In other words, it isn’t the circumstance, situation, or the thing that happened or didn’t happen, but it’s our perception—our judgment of it, whether we celebrate it as a good thing or weep that it’s a bad thing—that determines its impact on us and our life.

Your homework today is to take a close look at your perceptions, judgments, and assumptions about the challenges you’re facing. Whether they are of your own doing or if someone else’s mess is creating problems for you, analyze how you’re thinking about it.

Identify the sticking points in your thinking such as: it isn’t fair or I can’t. How can you move forward in spite of these limiting thoughts? By breaking tasks into steps and then breaking them into smaller and smaller pieces until you get to bits that are easy to do. Then following through and doing them! Bit-by-bit, step-by-step you’ll make progress. You’ll also notice that you’re gaining confidence and energy, which will boost your progress!

You can do this, I’m sure of it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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