Review Your Week: Other People as Yardsticks


It can be very helpful to look to other people and their accomplishments for inspiration, motivation, encouragement, as well as for mentoring—pointing the way through a rough patch.

But that is it.

If you go beyond that and use people and their accomplishments as a yardstick to determine whether or not you have what it takes or if you’re good enough then that’s when your problems begin.

Everyone is on their own special and particular journey. While our journeys made intersect with one another and they may even run parallel to one another—and so closely parallel that they seem like they’re identical—in fact, they are not the same journey.

Other people are doing things in a little different way with a little different shading that’s going to produce different result and reach different people, helping and inspiring them in the way that resonates with them.

When you pursue your dreams and goals your way, you are reaching people who have not been inspired, motivated, or helped by anyone else.

Your gifts, your talents, the dream in your heart is such that only YOU can reach these people.

Thinking of it that way, how can anyone else’s yardstick possibly measure your worthiness to achieve your dreams and your progress toward those dreams? It doesn’t make sense! That’s because the markings on their yardstick do not correspond to the units of measurement that mark your journey. YOU are the only one who possesses the correct yardstick that’ll give you accurate readings!

Your homework today is to let go of other peoples’ yardsticks—especially the one that society uses—and make your own! Your yardstick is forged in your heart and soul and is the perfect measuring device for your dreams.

Also, you know when, in spite of the whisperings of your soul and the urgings of your heart that you used someone else’s yardstick and found yourself coming up short. Make a note of the projects that you did this with and the times that this happened. Make a promise to yourself that you will never again let this happen—you will never again allow someone else’s yardstick influence what you know to be right and true.

As you note the times when you used someone else’s yardstick, you’ll probably also see times when you didn’t—times when, in spite of the temptation, you held tight to your own yardstick. I’m sure you saw that your yardstick told you that you’re on track, you’re doing good, you’re making progress. It probably also encouraged you to keep going!

Celebrate this! This is really good stuff—and it’s vitally important stuff. This—using your own yardstick and celebrating when you follow through—is what’ll get you to your dreams.

Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you!

Keep taking steps! Break them into small parts and little pieces. Break those into tiny bits and then follow through on doing them.

You can do it, I am sure of it!

I’m so proud of you and the progress you’re making—yay you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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