The I’ve Always Loved Game



If you’re still unsure about your dreams or you don’t know what the next step is to take, play the I’ve Always Loved Game. Doing this will help you discover where your true passions, talents, and abilities lie. And this game can also help you see the next step to take.

For instance, I love the crystals hanging in my kitchen window, especially the rainbows they create that dance all over my walls. Even as a child I’ve loved rainbows created by prisms and crystals.

While these rainbows haven’t directly helped me with my dreams, on days when I’m feeling a little down or discouraged, seeing the rainbows picks up my spirit. When I’m uplifted, I’m more energized and apt to do things that move me forward.

Another thing that looking at the rainbows does is cause me to sit quietly and just enjoy them. I let their beauty, lightness, and joy imbue my being, which is a form of meditation for me. When I sit quietly—meditate, and contemplate—oftentimes I have insights that show me the next step to take.

Playing the I’ve Always Loved Game can help you, too!

Your homework today is to make a list of all the things that you love, especially the things that you’ve consistently loved throughout your life—those definitely are pointing you in a key direction.

As an example, perhaps as a child you loved swinging on the swing in your backyard. Identify what it was about swinging that you enjoyed. Perhaps it was the rhythmic motion, or the feeling of flying, or the repetitive motion put you in a contemplative or creative state of mind. Maybe it was the only time your siblings left you alone and you enjoyed the peace and quiet!

This exercise is meant to be fun and a type of brainstorming session so don’t cross off or disregard anything you think of. Nothing’s too frivolous or dumb or silly!

For example, as a child, you might have loved walking into your home and smelling the pie or the cookies or the dinner that your mom was making. It made you feel warm, safe, and loved. Now, when you’re feeling out of sorts or confused or discouraged, perhaps you can bake a batch of cookies or put on a pot roast. The feelings and emotions this elicits can be just the boost you need to then take the next step!

This is an important assignment so take the time to do this exercise thoroughly—don’t give it a lick and a promise. You can take all day to do it or all week or all month. You can keep your list handy and add to it throughout the year.

You can do this—you have what it takes!

I’m so proud of you for sticking with this and for your bravery in going for your dreams. You’re awesome!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




Success Secrets in Movies: Legally Blonde: Be Yourself



The other day I watched the movie Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon. I was amazed to see how many success secrets it contained! The one I want to talk about today is that by drawing on what makes you unique, you will be successful.

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the movie, my discussion below may give away what happens in a portion of the movie.

Elle, Reese Witherspoon’s character, was a law intern working on a high profile murder case for her professor who was also a famous attorney who was leading the legal team defending the woman accused of the murder. As a result of certain events, the woman accused of the murder realized that the professor (the famous attorney) didn’t really believe she was innocent and really wasn’t giving her defense his all. In fact, it seemed as if the professor/attorney was going to fail to prove her innocence. The accused ends up firing the professor/attorney and selected Elle as her attorney, even though Elle was only a first year law student (there was another attorney as the assistant to the professor/attorney who agreed to supervise Elle and the judge approved the change).

It was very clear that Elle was in over her head, out of her element, and feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of the client’s life being in her hands. She was timid and floundered, repeated herself, and it was obvious she didn’t have a clue what she was doing. But, something one of the witnesses said clicked in Elle’s mind (Elle had and undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising and was passionate about beauty regiments and fashion) and Elle realize that the witness was lying. Instantly, she transformed into a strong and confident expert—a tiger! Elle then drew upon her specialized knowledge and her unique passions to prove that the accused was innocent and that the witness was the real killer.

To me, this illustrated the importance of being yourself and drawing upon your own unique knowledge, passions, abilities, and talents.

Even in situations where others who are more knowledgeable and more experienced may fail, you can be successful. As long as you stay true to yourself and tap into what makes you unique—what you know to be true, your vision, the whisperings of your heart and soul, your skills, talents, abilities—then you will achieve your dreams.

Your homework today is to take the time to think about your specialized knowledge, what you’ve learned from Life, what lessons the School of Hard Knocks has taught you. Also think about your skills, abilities, and talents. For this assignment, note everything. There is nothing that’s too common or insignificant. It all counts and it all can be the light that can cut through the darkness and fog.

Go for it—make the list! You can do it!

Keep it handy so that you can remind yourself of how capable and competent you really are!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,