Hope, A Poem

Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs



A Poem to Hope 

Never go gloomy, use your mind,

Hope is a better companion than fear; 

Providence, ever benignant and kind,

Gives with a smile what you take with a tear; 

All will be right,

Look to the light, 

Morning was ever the daughter of night;

All that was black will be all that is bright. 

Many a fore is a friend in disguise,

Many a trouble a blessing most true, 

Remember these words of wisdom and wise,

Your life will be easier and you will not be blue. 

Never lose your hope, follow your plan

And live life doing all that you can.



Your homework today is to make a list or keep a journal, or in some way make a note of, things that give you hope. This will be a wonderful reference for you when you feel anxious, frustrated, disappointed—when you’re feeling less than your best.


Here are some things that may give you hope:

~Children laughing and playing

~Reading inspirational poems and writings

~Studying your belief system’s holy books

~Talking to a trusted friend

~Spending time with loved ones

~Spending time with Nature.

Take the time to answer the question “What gives me hope or makes me feel hopeful?” Write down everything that strikes a chord with you.

Keep your list handy and refer to it often—especially when you’re feeling off kilter.

I know you can do this!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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