Review the Week: The Sun

Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs

This post is inspired by today’s beautiful sunrise. The colors were so vibrant and rich. The scene was breathtaking and you couldn’t help but to stop and stare in awe. As Dad would say, Mother Nature sure did put on quite a show for us this morning! While I was admiring the sunrise, the words “the sun will come out tomorrow” were in my mind. I thought about this and had to admit that in the long run, things eventually work out for the best, even though it may take a while. This then led me to realize that no matter how narrow or how rocky the path to my dreams may be, if I can keep my eye on the sun—my goals and dreams—then things will work out. I thought about the times that I skidded off the path into a gully and the times that I seemed to have taken a wrong turn and found myself at the bottom of a deep, gloomy ravine, not able to see the sun—meaning that I lost sight of my goals and dreams. The natural feelings in this situation are discouragement and lack of motivation. But the antidote to this is keeping in mind images of the sun—specific things gained by pressing forward toward my goals and dreams. One of my suns is being able to reach out in a wider and bigger way to help others achieve their dreams. What’s your sun?

Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright Artisans Workshop Designs

Your homework today is to take the time to get specific about what exactly your sun is. It’s fine if your sun is financial gain, just make sure at the core of it is a product or service that you love and are passionate about.   List the things that are your suns. Have pictures of them, if you can. Keep these handy and refer to them often, especially if you’re at the bottom of that deep and dark ravine. Referring to this list and these images will remind you that there is a sun and you will find it. As you review your week, evaluate what needs tweaking and, in light of this, how you plan to fine-tune your upcoming week. Also remember to note the tasks that went well, the projects you crossed off your To Do list, and the increments of progress you’re seeing. Celebrate these! They’re victories! It doesn’t matter how small or humble, they all add up and are moving you that much closer to your dreams. Yay you! Do something fun and indulgent to applaud yourself. You’ve earned it! You can do it! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! Your Friend and Pep Pal, Lauren

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