This is your due season. Instead of being heavy with burdens, you’re going to be heavy with good breaks & opportunity.

~Joel Osteen

This quote got me to thinking….

We all have worries and cares. We all struggle and have very good reasons for throwing in the towel. At one time or another, we’ve all said “If only I didn’t have this burden. If only I didn’t have to deal with this issue….”

Instead of thinking that way, what if we look at our cares not has heavy burdens to bear but rather as good breaks to celebrate.

I know that sounds totally crazy but getting discouraged or angry over our cares hasn’t helped us solve them or helped us move forward, which means we need to do something different.

All challenges have gifts within them, the same way that every storm cloud has a silver lining. Look for the gift, the benefit, the way that this challenge/obstacle/setback is going to help us on the pathway to our journey.

By flip-flopping our thoughts, perhaps it’ll force us to get more schooling or encourage us to reach deeper into the well of our talents. Maybe, by changing to a more positive, optimistic attitude—even slightly—we’ll see an opportunity that had been invisible to us.

Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs

Your homework today is to do a flip-flop with your thoughts. Greet setbacks, challenges, and obstacles with a more positive attitude. You don’t have to be Perky Polly or Peppy Pete, but instead of greeting your challenge with anger or disappointment, think optimistically and look for the benefit.

Then take the next step—or bit of step!

You can do it—I believe in you!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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