Waiting Well




Life is a waiting game; learn to wait well.

~Victoria Osteen

Many times in our lives—even within our day—we have to wait. We’re stuck waiting until we graduate with the credentials we need in order to begin our careers. We have to wait until we gain knowledge and skills before we qualify to be promoted to a higher level.

Sometimes we’re blindsided by a setback and we think it’s all over for us, our goose is cooked, there’s no hope for us. We sink into glumness and then have to wait until we finally pick ourselves up and begin again.

Oftentimes when we’re waiting we fritter away that time. We worry and fret, we whine and moan, we become impatient and frustrated. Or, we get tired of waiting and we take our eye off our goals and dreams and then find ourselves off track.

We need to learn to wait well.


Your homework today is to think about your situation and brainstorm ways you can put the waiting time to good use—learning to wait well.

What does that mean, what does “waiting well” look like? Waiting well can look like you reining in your impatience and frustration and hitting the books instead of watching mind-numbing TV. Waiting well can be keeping a positive attitude and holding the disappointment at bay as you learn new skills and develop your talents.

Waiting well means not giving up, not getting sidetracked, believing that you can do it and that things are working out for the best.


Think of waiting well as your opportunity to grow strong, sturdy wings that’ll take you to your dreams!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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