Tips from TV: Connecting it All Up

Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs


On one of the Retro TV stations, I was watching the Perry Mason TV show that aired in the 1960s. In this particular episode, Perry was defending a young woman, who was from the wrong side of the tracks. She was charged with the murder of a man in elevated social circles.

Perry was questioning a witness and, as usual, Hamilton Burger, the prosecuting attorney, was objecting on the grounds that Perry was on a “fishing expedition” with the questions he was asking the witness and was straying far afield from the evidence in the trial.

The judge turned to Perry and said, “I’m wondering, too, Mr. Mason. How does this all relate?”

Perry answered, “I assure you, Your Honor, I’ll connect it all up.”

The judge replied, “You’re sure…?”

“Yes, Your Honor, I’m sure.” Said Perry.


This got me to thinking…. What if I substituted “The Universe/God/Higher Power” for the name “Perry Mason” and switched out “the judge” and put in my name instead….

When we’ve lost our way or are faced with a challenge that seems too big or too hard, how many times have we wondered what was going on and who was at The Controls?

Whether we believe in Something-Bigger-Than-Us or not, we have to admit that when we pressed on through the challenge, eventually things worked out—everything connected up.

It may have been hard, it may have been scary, it may have been discombobulating, and it may have taken a long time. We may have given up hope from time-to-time and wondered if we’d lost our sanity. But we pressed on anyway and finally things fell into place and everything worked out.

This made me realize that there are much larger currents and plans at work in the world and in our lives. When we’re faced with challenges, oftentimes we don’t understand what’s going on, especially as we’re going through it. It’s only in hindsight that we may catch a glimpse of the much Larger Picture and the Guiding Hand that’s at work in the world and in our lives.

Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs

Your homework today is to have faith that things are working out—Someone is at The Controls and is connecting it all up. It may take a while and it may not work out as you had imagined or wanted. Whatever the rough patch was, at least it gave you the gift of becoming stronger, adding depth and breadth to you and your life, and giving you a more solid and grounded presence in your world.

You can do this, I’m sure of it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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