Going the Extra Mile

Copyright 2015 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2015 Artisans Workshop Designs


“Going the extra mile” can have an ominous sound. An image of working long into the night comes to mind. It conjures feelings of being tired all the time and not having any fun. It brings to mind thoughts of serving and having to be nice to people who are nasty and disrespectful.

But that isn’t true!

You don’t have to give up all enjoyable activities and you don’t have to become a workaholic in order to go the extra mile. All that “going the extra mile” means is to do one thing more than the average person. For instance if meeting your monthly sales quota requires making 100 cold calls, then make 101.

Also, “going the extra mile” means doing what the average person is reluctant to do. For instance, if you have a choice between watching a popular TV show and making the 101st cold call, the average person would choose watching TV. Because you’re going the extra mile, you’ll make the cold call instead.



Your homework today is to look for simple and small ways in which you can go the extra mile. Put yourself on the same side as successful people. Most of them credit going the extra mile with being an important reason they are peak achievers.

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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