A Perfect Day for Getting It Done!



Today is the day that federal and state taxes are due.

Perhaps you’re rushing around at the last minute gathering the documentation finishing the paperwork, finishing all the calculations, writing your check (or not), and then getting everything in the mail at the last minute.

And it’s fine because you got it done and you met the deadline.

Yay you!

Take a moment to celebrate meeting the deadline. Even if it was ugly, even if it was stressful, even if you just barely made it by the skin of your teeth, the fact remains that you made it.




Your homework today is to celebrate the fact you did it! You got your taxes done and in the mail; it’s a job that you can cross of your To Do list.

Yay you for making progress and moving forward!

This experience can show you that the steps, the forward progress toward your dreams, doesn’t have to be pretty—or even fun. They just have to get done.

And you did it!

I knew you would!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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