What Little Tidbits of Steps Look Like



In yesterday’s post (click here to be taken to it: Pep Rally! Inspirational Quotes) one of the quotes was the one by Dr. Martin Luther King where he encouraged people to walk if they couldn’t run toward their dreams; to crawl if they couldn’t walk. I added to that by encouraging you to lean in the direction you wanted to go; to face in the direction if you couldn’t lean.

Today I’d like to add that if you can’t run, walk, or crawl toward your dreams, and if your circumstances prevent you from leaning toward them or even turning your face to them, nothing in the whole entire world can ever prevent you from thinking about your dreams.

And thinking about your dreams is taking a tiny tidbit of a step closer to them. That’s what I’m talking about when I encourage you to break things into small jots, specks, and tidbits—the size that is just perfect for you. Believe it or not, these add up!

One day you will be able to do more than just think about your dreams; one day you will be able to take action. Be patient because that day is coming!


Your homework today is to have a good think about your dreams. Respect your dreams:  settle down, clear your mind and agenda for a few minutes. Get comfy and think—daydream!—about your dreams.

Think about how much fun you’ll have pursuing them—all the people you’ll meet, the ideas you’ll exchange with them, the interesting things you’ll learn.

Delight in how much richer, deeper, and broader your life will be! Enjoy the thought of how clear and strong the song of your heart and soul will be. Get excited to hear it—perhaps for the first time!

Let your mind and imaginings run free! Savor the excitement and joy you feel!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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