Tips from TV: George Washington and Rock-Solid Resolve


I was thinking again about the program on the History Channel that I saw regarding George Washington and his transformation into a warrior and our country’s Commander-in-Chief. One thing is really sticking with me and that is how he did not let himself become humiliated when he suffered the terrible setback when he was a young officer in the British Army.

He did not give in to the negative thoughts that were probably running through his mind. He didn’t listen to others who were probably telling him that his chances of achieving his dreamed-of military career were over forever.

It took rock-solid resolve to tune out all the negative voices—his own as well as other peoples’, especially when they made good, solid, logical, hard-to-refute sense. 

How did he do this, how did he develop this tenacious resolve?

He did it by tuning out one negative voice at a time. He probably didn’t try to tackle all of them all at once. He took them one at a time and tuned them out one by one.

Your homework is to work on your rock-solid resolve. Think back to the times when you were resolute and tenacious. What helped you be that way? Do you find that with a good night’s sleep you’re more likely to roll up your sleeves and dive in? Do you notice that when you’re properly nourished you’re more apt to give it one more shot, and then another one, and one more after that? Perhaps you find that you’re more likely to hang in there in the morning whereas the afternoon is tough for you.

Make a note of the ways you can support and help yourself in being a person of rock-solid resolve.

The next part of your homework is to think of something you’re putting off or dragging your feet about tackling. Decide now, today, to do something—a small something—about it. If you try to do too much too soon, chances are you’ll find yourself stumbling. But if you break it into little bits and pieces then resolve to do them one little bit and one little piece at a time, you’ll find you’ll be much more successful.

Go ahead and do it now, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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