You Have Wings; You Can Fly!



A bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking, because the bird’s trust is not in the branch, but in its own wings. Always believe in yourself. From a spiritual perspective, that is great advice. We should have great faith in our ability to overcome any challenge that life presents us. – Ron Fox


Today’s quote is an eye-opener for me!

When we hit a snag in the road, many of us—me included!—worry about how bad it’s going to get. We may pray that it doesn’t get any worse than it is at that moment and we often moan about how long it’s going to take to work out of the rough patch.

Thinking like that, though, causes us to miss the point!

Instead of focusing on outer circumstances—the difficulties we’re facing because of the obstacles—turn our focus inward and know that within us lies the keys—the wings—we need in order to conquer our trials.

As today’s quote points out, the important thing isn’t how bumpy or long-lasting the rough patch is, rather the essential ingredient is that we have wings—we have what it takes to overcome the challenge!

So, the next time the track to your dreams becomes rocky, crooked, and steep, remember today’s quote and trust yourself, your talents, and your abilities. They’re your wings; you can fly!

Your homework today is to take the next step—especially the ones that you’ve been putting off because they seem too hard, too big, and too much for you to handle. Break them into teeny tiny jots and tidbits—pieces so small that you can handle them comfortably and confidently. Remember that you have wings; trust that with your talents and abilities, you can fly! 

Then do those jots and tidbits!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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