Review Your Week: The Crowds in Your Mind


We’ll finish out this week’s subject of crowds by turning our attention to the crowd we have in our minds (click here for Monday’s post, click here for Tueday’s post, click here for Wednesday’s post, and click here for yesterday’s post).

You can’t be successful and reach your dreams if your head is filled with what you’re doing wrong, the problems you are facing, and your doubts about it ever working out for you. You don’t help yourself move forward by thinking that your efforts don’t matter or that if your idea was such a good one then someone better than you would have already done it.

These thoughts are not good for you and not helpful in moving you forward. And they certainly don’t make you feel good about yourself, glad to be who you are, and excited about your future!

With all this chatter and noise ricocheting around in your mind, no wonder you’re confused, anxious, and frustrated. No wonder that you can’t hear the Still Small Voice! And it isn’t a mystery why you aren’t feeling the nudges your heart gives toward a certain direction or that you aren’t picking up the hunches and prods of intuition from your soul.

The negative thoughts and its constant babbling MUST STOP! You MUST fill your mind with ALL of your successes!


So, what’s a person supposed to do—especially if that person doesn’t feel very successful yet.

Make note of all your successes each day as well as successes that you’ve had in the past. Start with the small stuff that you do every day without realizing it such as you got out of bed (there are many people who never make it this far in their day!), you got dressed (there are people who can’t manage this consistently!).

Think about how you managed to eat something today (I hope it was nutritious!). Not only that but you were able to figure out how to earn enough money so that you could go to the store and select good food. Then you figured out how to prepare it so that you enjoyed eating it.

I know it seems very silly to break down your successes this detailed—but then again, that’s the negative chatterbox in your mind that’s scoffing at you and making you feel foolish!!

People who are truly supportive and encouraging—including the supportive and encouraging thoughts in your mind—won’t laugh at you for being this detailed. Instead, they’ll cheer you on. They know that you need to overwhelm your mind with how successful you already are in order for you to go on to more and bigger success!

Let me repeat that.

People and thoughts that are truly supportive and encouraging will cheer you on as you help yourself by detailing every teensy-tiny, seemingly insignificant, success because they know that acknowledging successes is the key to rocketing yourself to more and bigger success.

Your homework today is to review your week and list all of your successes, especially the itsy-bitsy “trivial” ones. Then, when that negative chatterbox starts up in your mind, overwhelm it by listing all the successes you’ve already achieved.

Keep doing this! Soon that chatterbox won’t be so easy to hear!

Then, with your list of successes in hand, CELEBRATE!

Applaud yourself for the things you do to provide a good life for yourself. Pat yourself on the back for showing up day in and day out. Congratulate yourself for the small bits and pieces of steps that you’ve accomplished.

You did well! I knew you could!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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