Feelings, Wo-o-o, Feelings…and Why They’re So Important



Feelings and emotions are the building blocks of how you get to your dreams.

It isn’t enough to map out a plan, to figure out the timeline, and to try to take the steps. Without excitement and enthusiasm, you’ll quickly run out of steam. What’s worse is then you’ll start thinking—and believing—that it’s too hard to go for your dreams, that you don’t have what it takes, and that perhaps all the naysayers in your life were right and that you should throw in the towel.


Don’t believe any of that!

Keep reading and I think we can come up with a technique that can help.

So, maybe you can’t generate enough good feelings and excited emotions about your dreams because they seems too big and too overwhelming. This is where breaking your dreams into manageable steps and bits becomes very valuable.

Break your dream into steps that common sense tells you will help you achieve your dreams. Then break those steps into smaller and smaller increments until you come to the little bits and smidgens that you CAN get excited about and you CAN believe and know that you CAN achieve them. Choose the bits and smidgens that you CAN do with excitement, enthusiasm, and expectation that more Good Stuff coming your way!

Then do them!


For your homework today, choose one step that you want to take but have been procrastinating about doing. Break the step into the tiniest bits and choose one that you can do with excitement.

Then do it!

The next part of your homework is to think about and feel the empowering enthusiasm you feel as you’re doing the bit and then the satisfaction and energy you feel when you complete it. Let those feelings and emotion imbue you all the way to your core. Take time to bask in those feelings and emotions. Note were they are in your body. For instance, you may feel warmth centered in your chest spread out to all parts of you, or you may feel that your stomach is clicking its heels and rarin’ to go!

Even though these good feelings and excited emotions may feel small right now, they are solid and strong. You can rely on them. You are safe in using them as the foundation and building blocks that help you move forward tiny bit by tiny bit.

Now choose another bit that you’ll do, making sure you set a firm date for doing it! Then when it’s time to do that bit, take a moment before you start to conjure up and remember how you just felt when you did the last bit. Let those feelings and emotions bloom inside you and then do the next bit!

Keep repeating this process all the way to your dreams—WooHoo!

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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