Pep Rally! Pep Words to Energize You This Week


A note of thanks:  This is my 600th post and I am so grateful and happy that you’re here to share this moment with me.  I appreciate you being a part of this journey with me.  Thank you very much!

During the day we sometimes need a boost and oftentimes just the right word will do the trick—will help us find that little bit of calm or the extra reserve of strength that we need to make it through to the next moment.

Here are some that I use:

I am a

victor, conqueror, overcomer, vanquisher;

I am a

hero, winner, champion, VIP;

I am

intelligent, smart, astute, brilliant;

I am

resourceful, creative, enterprising, inventive;

I am

strong, mighty, empowered, capable and competent;

I am

gifted, talented, fully equipped, ingenious;

I am

brave, bold, spirited, spunky;

I am

steadfast, persistent, resolute, determined;

I am

vigorous, energized, rarin’-to-go, dynamic;

I have

vim, vitality, zest, snap crackle and pop!

I have what it takes;

I have it going on;

I am an up-and-comer;

I can and I will do this!

Your homework today is to choose pep words that really get you going.  Keep them in mind and say them to yourself all day long.  Let their power infuse you and slingshot you toward your dreams.

For an added kick as you say these words to yourself, stand straight and tall in front of your mirror with a big smile on your face and looking yourself in the eye.  Say these with as much energy and enthusiasm as you can.

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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