Think for Yourself


The media has us believing that if we aren’t successful overnight then we’re losers.  The media brainwashes us that if we don’t achieve success quickly and when we are young and pretty, then we may as well go home, lock the door, and forget about it.

NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, we have to separate what the media—the world—considers success to be from what WE know in OUR hearts and souls what success means to us.

Second of all, success in itself is fine and dandy and a wonderful thing, however, for it to touch your heart and soul, success MUST be directly connected to your dreams.  That’s the special type of success that we all crave and that each one of us is on this earth to achieve.

Here’s what all this means:

You can’t listen to what the world says, does, values, wants.  Same goes for many of the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. 

They have mistaken notions and ideas, mainly because they haven’t stopped to think through what they are seeing and hearing.  They also aren’t taking the time to then run that by the filter of:  is this right for me?  Is believing this and following through with this going to bring me closer to the direction in which my heart and soul are guiding me?

You MUST think for yourself!

Of course from time-to-time you need advice and counsel.  This can come in the form of reading books, taking a class, meeting with trusted friends and loved ones who are moving in the direction of their own dreams.  Input from trusted sources can give you the boost you need.  But, even so, you must take what you learn and what others offer to you and run it through your own thought processes.  This way you can adapt it to YOUR particular situation and the dreams you are moving toward.

As you think for yourself, it isn’t about poking holes in others’ beliefs or dismissing information and help that others graciously offer to you.  It’s about running the information, advice, and counsel through your own filter of ‘how can I adapt this so that it serves me and helps me move closer to my dreams’.

Your homework today is to turn on your fabulous brain.  Focus your thoughts on what you can do to help yourself and move yourself closer to your dreams.

Take the next step!  Break it into itsy bitsy jots and specks—pieces that are just the right size for you—then do them.

You can do this, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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